Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taylor's baby blessing

We were so excited for Taylor's baby blessing!  We were very blessed that so many family members were able to come out for her blessing.  Jeff's mom, Nancy, Mitch, Bryton, Mason, Sydney, Katie, Matt and my mom and dad were all able to come out for it!  Taylor was blessed on July 22nd 2012.  It all started with Jeff's family coming out the Friday before, which was also the opening ceremony for the Olympics.  Annette ordered Hacket Hot Wings (our favorite place for hot wings in Joplin) and we pigged out and watched the opening ceremony.

Saturday morning, my parents showed up and we all decided we wanted to go on a tour of Route 66.
We started at a local diner and everyone got ice cream.

After the diner, we started our Route 66 drive.  In Carterville, there is a cute bear statue holding a Route 6 sign.  We just had to get our picture taken in front of it.

Also in Carterville, just up the street from the bear, there is an area that has vehicles with eyes.  That is right, you read correctly.  Vehicles with EYES!!!!!  I think they tried to make them look like they came from the children's movie Cars.

While we were taking pictures in front of the vehicles, the owner came out and talked to us.  He told us about where the "real" Mater from Cars is located.  It is in Galena Kansas.  We have lived in Missouri for over a year and had no idea that we were so close to Mater this whole time!  We had to check it out....

The kids were so excited to see where the real Mater originated from! 

Sunday was Taylor's baby blessing.  I never would have thought I would be so excited for a baby blessing but I couldn't wait.  First, I got Taylor dressed and ready. (Looking back, I should have gotten myself dressed and ready first)!

Taylor looked beautiful in her blessing dress.

It was a great excuse to get family pictures taken!!!

It was such a special time in our little girl's life and we strongly appreciated everyone who was able to come out for Taylor's special day.

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